Wednesday, July 11, 2007

video of the grape chase

Following up on this morning's post about our chickens' grape race, I shot some footage of the girls in action on my Treo. Pardon the quality of video, but you get the gist:


woolydaisy said...

we love your blog as we raise chickens too-but unfortunately we could not see the video as our computer is too slow.

woolydaisy said...

i love the chicken video it was hilarious-what i could see of it. my son's comment

Unknown said...

Thanks for the note, wd! Great to see other chicken farmers are lurking on the blog. From the looks of your own posts I've got a lot to learn about chickens from you!

Next time, I'll try and capture the grape chase using a good camera (not my low-res Treo phone) and post it.

Bruce A. McHenry said...

I *shure* do.


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