Wednesday, August 8, 2007

reading Weinberger to Sophia

Sophia helping me read After work tonight, I went out to the back yard to let the girls free range a bit and do some reading.

After a chapter's worth of reading David Weinberger's Everything Is Miscellaneous (very highly recommended, btw), Sophia decided I'd spent enough alone time and hopped up on the arm of the chair so she could peer at the words with me.

After looking between my face and the open book a few times, she decided she'd had enough and hopped off to go look for more juicy bugs in the yard with ZsuZsu.

Miscellaneous, indeed.


brad said...

I followed that link to amazon. It looks like an interesting book to add to the list.

Your chicken sounds like a cat. Cats nose in on what people do, and I've read that chickens will help with things like gardening too. "Are you finding bugs for me?" I see they HAVE grown, as you wrote earlier this week.

Unknown said...

Yeah, they very much remind me of cats we've previously (but no longer) owned.

Can't believe we're so close to time of lay... that first (properly formed) fresh egg will be delicious.

Glad to see you've got your own chicks now, Brad. Seeing your pix and reading your posts are bringing back sweet memories of having a couple little fuzz balls peeping under the heat lamp. Be sure to take lots of pictures, as they grow up fast!


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