Friday, April 4, 2008

Mad City Chickens opens the Wisonsin Film Festival

Following on the heels of front page coverage in the WSJ (Wisconsin State Journal, that is), Mad City Chickens opened up the 10th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival last night.

From the coverage over on the Bubbler blog at the Capital Times, things went swimmingly. Of course, a couple of the Capital Times reporters had parts in the film, but that doesn't seem to have biased them too much in their coverage of the event:
Do people who choose to have chickens already have the same kind of approach to life that makes them good storytellers or does the experience of having chickens in one's life make one a good storyteller? Considering the driest part of the film is when scientists talk, suspicion lies with the first.

The audience was already primed for an unusual evening, as ticket-holders got boxes of Peeps and chocolate eggs while waiting in line. (But wait, wouldn't this go against those strict Monona Terrace catering rules?) The film lived up to that goofy approach, using wry editing between storytellers and a few well-timed chicken appearances to create more than a few laughs. But "Mad City Chickens" is as informative as it is entertaining, and it wouldn't be surprising if more than a few audience members went home and started pricing chicks and coops.
Here's hoping lots of folks find the pricing of chicks and coops to be favorable and make the leap into urban chicken farming.

Will Mad City Chickens make it to the West Coast? There's hope in the closing of the article: "The filmmakers have submitted the movie to several film fests in chicken-friendly cities (they mentioned San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, OR last night), so the film may screen in other parts of the country."

Congrats to the folks at Tarazod Films on the great opening.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas,

We just wanted to say thanks for mentioning our film, Mad City Chickens, on your blog. We appreciate your continued coverage of its film festival premiere, and we'll definitely keep you up-to-date on its future screenings.

May the Mad City Chicken be with you!

Tashai & Robert


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