Monday, October 13, 2008

Boing Boing co-founder an urban chicken farmer, too

I'm a long-time reader and a big-time fan of the Boing Boing Blog, and I was giddy with delight today to find out today that one of the cofounders, Mark Frauenfelder, is raising five Plymouth Rock chicks!

He revealed as much in his post this morning about finding the Plymouth Rock Monthly featured over on the Homegrown Evolution blog:
What magazine had 40,000 subscribers in 1920? Answer: the Plymouth Rock Monthly, a periodical devoted to our favorite chicken breed. We have two "production" Barred Plymouth Rocks in our small flock of four hens, and we've found them to be productive, friendly and, with their striped plumage, an attractive sight in our garden. While the internet is an amazing resource for the urban homesteader, there are a few holes in this electronic web of knowledge. In short, would someone out there please get around to scanning and putting online the Plymouth Rock Monthly? All I can find are images of two covers lifted off of ebay.
Mark (jokingly?) muses about relaunching the periodical with a goal of 200 subscribers. I've already let him know he's got at least one subscriber waiting here in Redwood City.


Steven Walling said...

Make that two!

Granny Annie said...

I totally love BACKYARD POULTRY. This month's feature breed focus was: Plymouth Rocks, "The Heirloom Breed". You may contact them at


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