Monday, March 23, 2009

what breed of chickens are these?

I just got an email from Darlene in Burnsville, MN (where urban chickens are newly legal), and she's getting her paperwork all in order to have four chickens, the legal limit.

Darlene's already got two bantams in a temporary pen in her backyard and she asked me if I could help figure out what kind of bantams they are. They're in the photo at right.

Sadly, my chicken breed spotting skills are woefully underdeveloped. But I know that one of you, dear readers, are likely to recognize the breed (Steven Walling, are you out there?).

Thanks for helping solve the mystery of the new Burnsville banties!


Steven Walling said...

They look quite distinctly like Silver Laced Wyandottes.

However, their feather pattern is pretty muddled. If they're young, that's okay, but if they're adults I might suspect they're mixed with some Wyandotte heritage.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Steven! I knew we could count on you :)

badgerpendous said...

Also, there's a forum over at


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