Saturday, April 11, 2009

Four Efforts to Legalize Urban Chickens

A quick roundup this morning of news on efforts in the East to get urban chickens legalized in a smattering of cities, as well as some of the amusing acronyms groups are adopting to organize their efforts under.
  • Philadelphia: The Inquirer talks of Chicks and the city where folks are trying to change Section 10-112 of the Philadelphia Code. There's a poll about keeping chickens yea-or-nay on the page for the story, so be sure to take that while you're reading it. And also check out the group Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia (COOP) which has a list of the local codes dealing with chickens in the metro-Philly area.
  • Las Cruces (NM): The Sun-News has a story about the petition circulating by the group Citizens for Legalizing Urban Chicken Keeping (CLUCK) in this town at the southern end of my home state. They've been at it for a year and are finally in dialog with the city.
  • Buffalo: The Buffalo News Editors in Seed the East Side are urging the the mayor to Farm Buffalo (the third-poorest large city in the nation). There's been a lot of talk about chickens in Buffalo recently due to Monique Watts getting busted for keeping five chickens on her property. What's surprised me is how quickly the City Council seems to be pivoting to re-examine whether urban chickens should be illegal to begin with.
  • Carson City (NV): The Nevada Appeal's story Fresh Ideas: Carson City should allow urban chickens even cites the movie Mad City Chickens to calm concerns about bird flu (go, Tarazod!).
So, lots of efforts afoot to get more urban chickens in backyards across the country in towns big and small. Here's hoping they're all successful!

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Unknown said...

An urban chicken legalization group is starting to get together in Knoxville, Tennessee, too. We are organizing through the Knoxville Permaculture Guild web site and hosting a meeting on Sunday, April 19. Any advice on how to help legalize our chicken friends would be appreciated.


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