Saturday, May 2, 2009

calling all San Mateo County urban chicken owners

I'm reaching out to all the readers who live here in San Mateo County (SF Bay Area) to ask you to come join the new San Mateo Chickens Yahoo! group. I know that there's got to be a lot of us in the area because the local feed store on El Camino Real seems to be moving a lot of chicken feed off the shelves.

The SMC group's founding host, Nikki, does a great job of making everyone feel welcome and sharing the details of her own journey into raising urban chickens (her first chicks just hatched). And I think we'll be trying to organize a group dinner in May if there's enough interest.

In the two years since I started blogging here on, I've had a chance to meet a half dozen other urban chicken farmers here in Redwood City, and I don't want to generalize too much here, but urban chicken farmers seem to be the nicest folks in town.

Won't you join us in the group? And if you're outside the area but have your own group going, feel free to advertise it in the comments.


Unknown said...

Hi thomas,
My name is Jason Shugars and I'm a beginning urban chicken keeper living in Redwood City off of Oakwood.
I'll definitely be signing up for the yahoo list.
Thanks for keeping us informed!

Crescent said...

I signed up and wrote a long blurb about why the moderater should think I'm a good netizen, and then Yahoo said 'you only get 200 characters' Stingy Yahoo! Here's my blurb - I signed up after cutting it short...

I'm so glad to find your group! I'm in SF, and I don't have space for
chickens but three things - 1. I had chickens when I lived in the
country, cluck, cluck, cluck, 2. I've been working with school gardens
(as a service project) and one school wants chix! 3. I want to help
folks get set up for backyard chix, that's my response to the economic
crisis. So, cluck, cluck, please add me to the list. Maybe the group can
be for both counties because (to my knowledgde) SF doesn't have a
poultry group (tho there are classes offered on the subject, at Garden
for the Environment). After all, the SF and San Mateo share a Master
Gardener program! thanks, Jo

badgerpendous said...

Signed up too!

Thomas, did you write that RWC allows _4_ hens now? Or did I misread?

Would be great to have a 4th...

Unknown said...

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for letting everyone know about San Mateo Chickens! I can't wait to get together in May and meet all of the wonderful chicken folks in the area.


Anonymous said...

Long after first leaving you a few questions, I finally have two new chicks and an Eglu of my own! So Redwood City's flock is now two bigger.

liz song mandell said...

so interesting that there's a whole community! i'm fascinated. i started living on a mini-farm in East Palo Alto. we have three chickens here and i love hearing them lay eggs. (haha)

Unknown said...

Great to see so many locals piping up! Make sure you join the San Mateo Chickens group so we can coordinate the meetup from there.

(and yes, you read correctly, badgerpendous, we can haz 4 hens in RWC!)

Unknown said...

Nice to find you!

I live in Moss Beach, still San Mateo county but on the coast. I have been doing the urban chicken thing for 7 years now and I love it. Where is the feed store on El Camino? Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel is good but the owner is a pill. I'd rather give my cash to a more friendly place.

Unknown said...

Hi Marcella, nice to meet you! I get my chicken supplies at San Mateo Feed and Pet Supply:

346 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA 94062-1724,
(650) 365-6738

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Do you happen to know where on the website I can get information on owning chickens in San Mateo County? I can't seem to find anything on the website myself and my search efforts don't turn up what I'm looking for... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am really interested in having chickens, but I can't seem to find any info on the San Mateo County website about it. Do you happen to have a link I could refer to in terms of permits required, etc? Thanks!

Just a Puppy in the Mud said...

I live in Mountain View...does that mean I'm out? I have a bountiful offering of baby chicks in the midst of hatching if anyone is interested. i'm at blog is

dpd said...

We have a broody hen, but no rooster. Would like to find some local hatching eggs. Anyone know a good source? Although not picky, it would be great to get ahold of some polish (top-hat) breeds.


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