Thursday, May 28, 2009

Urban Chickens legal, but not yet allowed in Vancouver

Back on March 6, I proudly shared the news that urban chickens were legal in Vancouver, BC. As a North American, I was encouraged to see another big city, albeit north of the border, do the sensible thing and allow urban chickens within city limits.

Little did I know then how big the gap is between "they're legal" and "here's the guidelines as to how they're legal so you can keep them."

In yesterday's Vancouver Sun, Rebecca Tebrake reported that the city staff tasked with creating the report to outline the rules and regulations for keeping chickens won't have a final draft ready to go to council until after its August break.

I'd had visions of newly legal chicks becoming pullets and laying their first eggs this summer in Vancouver. Silly me. Only the illegal Vancouver urban chickens will be laying eggs in the city this year.

I guess I've gotten used to things happening quickly, like with the Longmont Urban Hens success: the council approved chickens on Feb 24 and the permits were made available March 9. Maybe this is an American-ism I've taken for granted.

For those of you living in/familiar with the Great White North, is this procedural delay between "yes you can" and "here's how you can" a Canadian thing? Or is this just something to do with the Vancouver city staff?


laughingwolf said...

as an ex-vancouverite, i can say it's the clowns at city hall... and provincial government GRRRRRRR

UrbanWorkbench said...

I'm not sure how the Council can say yes to an idea if they don't even have a draft bylaw in front of them to know what they are saying yes to?

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

We were recently contacted by some Vancouver citizens concerned about the delay in the new law so they are setting up a public screening of the Mad City Chickens documentary to help facilitate things.

The screening will be June 18th, 7:30 pm at: Langara College, 100 W 49th Ave, Vancouver


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