Sunday, July 12, 2009

just say no to urban roosters

A friend of mine (@lpetrides) posted a video from where she's traveling in Greece.

Go ahead, watch it. I'll be here when you get back.

But note: there's not much to see in the video, as it was shot from her room at 4:24am, while all that's visible in the black of night are the porch lights of the houses surrounding her.

The soundtrack, however, is priceless. You can hear the rooster crowing starting at about 30 seconds into the 2-minute flick. And you can hear the echo of other roosters chiming in in response to the rooster's own crowing starting at about 60 seconds in.

Those who think roosters crow only at sunrise are sorely mistaken. They're as bad as dogs in their disregard for the timing of their noisiness.

Please, for all our sanity, be sure to exclude roosters from any urban chicken ordinance you may be trying to pass.

UPDATED: Thanks, Lisa for pointing out in the comments that the rooster wasn't echoing, just rousing the neighboring roos to get noisy, too. I wonder if a rooster's call does indeed echo? (useless trivia: Mythbusters proved that a duck's quack never echos)


Amri Valencia said...

I agree, within reason. We have a little Serama rooster who lives in the house with his tiny hen. They have a (rather small) cage where they sleep and eat but we take them out for a few hours every day. Lord Firestar hardly ever crows outside.
Now if we had a Jersey Giant, he would have to go. We could never keep him in the house!

The Homely Animal said...

This is funny to hear but sucky to imagine in my own life. I've started using the word 'hen' everytime I used to use the word 'chicken' since it creates a different image for non-chicken.... oops, I mean non-hen people. It seems that there is a bigger stigma against the words, 'rooster' and 'chicken', than there is against the word 'hen'. Every little bit helps I guess :)

LisaPetrides said...

Well, just one small (or not so small!)correction. That is not actually an echo, but other roosters in the area answering it. Seems that he wakes up the entire village! Thanks for sharing this, glad others can benefit from my lack of sleep (and turning life into art) :)


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