Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VIDEO: Urban Chickens Ambassadors in Chicagoland

Found this great Chicago Tonight TV news segment on urban chickens in Evanston (where they're illegal) and all around Chicago (where they're legal). What I love about segments like this is how they re-kindle the excitement and enthusiasm and "ain't-this-cool?" factor of having chickens in the backyard. Take a look yourself:

If you're saving it for later, the quick synopsis of the six minute segment is: A profile of Laurie Zoloth, a bioethicist at Northwestern University, who is keeping chickens in her Evanston backyard in direct violation of the city code against it. The reporter then takes us on a tour all around Chicago to see the hens and the coops and the owners talking about why they have their legal chickens in the city. A bit talking to a local Feed Store owner confirming interest in chickens is really picking up. There's even a quick appearance by Tashai and Robert (our Mad City Chickens producers)!

All around, a nice piece, and it features some good ambassadors of the urban chicken movement. Thanks to Mr Brown Thumb for the original post about the segment over on Chicago Garden.

As a footnote, when I first started writing this blog, it seemed all things urban chicken were talked about in early Spring as folks busied themselves getting ready for the annual plantings. Now, however, the fascination with urban chickens seems to have decoupled from the gardening season and is on its own track and is building momentum. So great to see so many people interested in the wonderful experience of hosting urban chickens in your own backyard!


Linda said...

Hope you liked seeing my hens in this clip. Maisy, Betty, and Selma enjoyed the attention. ;-)

Unknown said...

I thought that was you! Congrats on the starring role :)

eyecontact said...

Hi, Linda's chickens from Red Bull, Chubby Cheeks and Dot. Our hens live in a fancy rural coop and love roaming freely on 5 acres. We have to watch for foxy. But it's worth it to let the hens scratch and dust bathe in the open land. We love this blog and are thrilled that it's now cool to raise hens in the city! Thanks for the info. Keep up the great work!

jk said...

That's "NorthwestERN", not Northwest!

Unknown said...

Sorry, jk. Duly corrected!


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