Thursday, July 15, 2010

Urban Chickens in San Diego (video)

And the blog is coming out of hiatus!

Some of you readers may remember I went to school in San Diego, so it should be no surprise I get to share this great video about Urban Chickens in San Diego, produced by Dominic Fulgoni:

I can certainly associate with Shelly Stewart's story as to how she got into urban chickens (fresh eggs, control over food sourcing). It's also great to see that the Department of Animal Services reports they don't have problems with urban chickens as many would expect.

Hope you and your hens are having a great summer!


Stacy said...

Our lone chicken is very tame and she watches us through the window too!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was hoping that you might Blog Roll Purely Poultry Purely Poultry

DJK said...

Lt. Dan! Lt. Dan!!!

DJK said...

Shame....Stacy, you shouldn't ever have just one chicken...they're very social animals and need companionship.


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