Friday, September 14, 2012

Five-minutes of Urban Chickens bliss

Still trying to convince your friends that urban chickens are a good idea? Share with them this delightful little video about urban chickens in Portland, Oregon.

Can't see it here? See it on YouTube.

Nuggets of info in the film include the average egg travels 1500 miles from farm to table and there are an estimated 2,500 households in Portland who keep chickens in their backyard. Oh, and the mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, makes a cameo, too.

Kudos to Rachel Sklar, Colin Christopher, and Caroline Koehler, 2010 fellows of the Northwest Institute for Social Change for writing, producing and editing this video. While they picked a great name for the video, there's no affiliation with this blog except for our passion for urban chickens. And many thanks to the folks over at Mad City Chickens for dropping a link to the film in my Facebook feed.

I wonder how we go about getting a census of all urban chicken owners in the USA?

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