Saturday, September 29, 2007

flooded with eggs while I'm gone

Wow, who'd have thought I'd come home to find out our girls have been each laying an egg a day for the last four days? I'm so proud of Sophia and ZsuZsu!

I took a break from chicken farming to go away three days to climb Mt Whitney (writeup on my other blog coming soon, pictures posted on Flickr already).

Left Coast Mom hase been kind enough to keep tending the chickens and collecting eggs while I was gone, and she's going to do more of the same over the next week as I'm away on business to Berlin.

If I see any urban chickens in Berlin, you can bet I'll be blogging about them!


Granny Annie said...

What good girls you have to work on a nice supply of eggs for you while you were away! I am hoping to have a good report on my blog soon. Beulah Dean's eggs should start hatching sometime today. Cross your fingers!

Nora said...

Hi there,

Nora from CBC here. Just wanted to say that I get my eggs from a nearby egg farmer here in Toronto. The other day, when I went to buy some, he only had 'small' and 'pee wee', and I felt quite chuffed that I knew that meant they were from young chickens. Thanks for the education!

Unknown said...

Granny Annie, fingers crossed for you and Beulah Dean (love that name!).

And Nora, great to see you here! Glad you're getting your eggs direct from the farmer. While young chickens do lay small eggs, I think full-grown bantam chickens lay them too. Am sure any bantie owners reading along will be able to correct me if I'm wrong.

Granny Annie said...

Silkie chickens also lay small eggs. I have a few Silkies and we save their eggs to make "Froggies In The Hole" for the grandchildren. Those little eggs are perfect to cook in the center of the toast.


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