Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New to Urban Chickens? here's a recap

Great to see all the folks coming in from hearing our update on Spark.

I've pulled together this "highlight reel" to help orient you into how we've become urban chicken farmers here in Redwood City, California, USA:


Never heard of Spark? Go give a listen to the podcast of this new Tech & Trends radio programme on CBC Radio. We're at the 16:00 mark of this week's episode, and you can see the notes around our first Spark appearance from an earlier post.


brad said...

The pullet and cockerel issue is something that many chicken pet owners worry about. I still am, since our "girls" are 8-weeks old now and their voices haven't changed yet.

Unknown said...

If (not when) they do change, please post about it, as I'll be curious to know when and how the voices change. This whole sexing-of-chicks thing is an under-rated skill, imo.

sallydi said...

Lovedyour blog! Whast happened with SzuSzu... did she deliver? After using the Eglu, do you still feel it was a good choice? I'm planning to follow your lead into the chicken farming realm.... my daughter says "Oh great mom! Does this mean I have to babysit your dog AND your chickens when you go away?" I'm going to Italy in September for 3 weeks.... I might have to get my Eglu but wait til my return to get my "girls". She's teasingme and would take them in, but I cant do that to her... with a fulltime job, a child and a townhouse!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words, sallydi. We're now getting a dozen eggs a week total from both birds, so ZsuZsu's definitely delivering.

I'm still a HUGE fan of the Eglu, especially given how easy it is to clean each week. I can't imagine having to deal with a wood floor. Cleaning the plastic is a snap, and it's the perfect size for our two chickens. Oh, and the benefit of chicken-sitting? fresh eggs, of course! (enjoy your trip to Italy, I'm jealous!)


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