Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Houdini's Chickens

It's a little known fact* that, for relaxation between performances and travel, Harry Houdini kept a flock of chickens at his home in New York. These were not your ordinary chickens. Gifted with an intellect to rival that of a Jack Russell terrier, they carefully observed Mr Houdini's practice sessions which, fortunately, were held in the back yard. Through this careful observation, the chickens were able to learn and, eventually, master his tricks. Of course, in accordance with Mr Houdini's early practice, they kept his secrets, passing them only to succeeding generations.

It was believed that the last of "Houdini's Chickens," as they came to be called, had died out sometime in the 1940s. Today, however, it has been proved that this line of exceptional chickens still clucks it's way across the country. Well, the West Coast, anyway.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce ZsuZsu Houdini.

I glanced out the window today and noticed that one of the chickens appeared to be next to rather than in the run. It was hard to tell from that distance, so I kept peering at the Eglu, sure that the chickens could NOT be roaming the yard, sans supervision. Alas ZsuZsu was.

Running through the house and down the yard, I arrived just in time to see ZsuZsu industriously filling in the hole she had dug to make her escape. It was a small hole, one Sophia never would have fit through. But either ZsuZsu was taking no chances, or she was following instinct, protecting the secret of Houdini's Chickens by hiding the escape route.

Safely back in her nest, ZsuZsu is now punishing me in the only way she can (short of pooping on me again): she's withholding eggs.

* Possibly bc I just made it up ;)


Granny Annie said...

Now you MUST get a rooster to fertilize ZsuZsu's eggs or the Houdini heritage will not live on!
GREAT story!

Melanie K said...

Thanks! But I think we're going to allow ZsuZsu's sisters to take care of that one. And, the neighbors get upset enough about the dog. I can't imagine what they'd say about a rooster!


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