Thursday, October 11, 2007

to roost or to nest? eggs still coming

Since arriving home from Berlin this weekend, I've been surprised to discover that getting eggs from the girls is no longer novel. There's a new egg (or two) in the nest each day, and we've got to dutifully harvest them each day so as to coax another.

Based on the dropping pattern inside the Eglu, I'd thought the girls had finally started using the roosting bars in the Eglu instead of huddling in the nest to sleep. I was wrong. On Tuesday night I got home from work/errands after sunset and had to harvest the eggs in the dark, and when I opened the nesting box access panel, I found both girls huddled together in the nest in a big pile of feathers.

I picked each of them up to place them on the roost (and gather the single egg that ZsuZsu had laid some time that day) but I don't think they roosted very long. Once the panel was back in place, I heard the tell-tale sounds of the girls scrambling to get the "prime spot" in the nest.

I'm not going to worry to much about their choice of places to sleep. At least until it starts to affect egg production. For now, I'm just loving the fresh eggs at breakfast!

Oh, and there were absolutely no live chicken sightings in Germany (lots of yummy chicken dishes, tho). Unless you want to count the critical role that chickens played in the movie Mr. Bean's Holiday seen on the plane ride back.

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