Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Early nightfall = no see chooks

With the time change and nightfall coming before I make it home from work each day, I don't get any quality time with the chickens during the week anymore.

Used to be I'd come home from work, grab a drink and go relax in the backyard as the girls free-ranged around me.

Now that it's dark when I get home, I don't venture out in the backyard after work, so the only time I see them is on the weekends when I'm cleaning the coop.

I feel bad because it means Left Coast Mom is blessed with day-to-day duties on the egg collecting and compost heaping of poop, which was by no means my design last Spring when we got them. But that's where we're at.

The good news is: we're stil getting a full complement of a dozen eggs a week, and the girls show no sign of molting. In fact, they're looking more and more mature every time I see them now: wattles and crown are in full display, and they carry themselves around the yard like they own the place.

Unfortunately, I won't see the girls this weekend, as I'm off to Kuala Lumpur on a business trip tomorrow night to retun eight days later.

By my calculations, that'll be at least 14 eggs from now. Look forward to seeing them in the fridge when I return.

If I find anything chook-y in KL on my trip, rest assured I'll blog about it. See you when I return!


Melanie K said...

I don't think that you will find 14 eggs when you get back. You assume that none will be eaten. But in addition to the basic breakfast scramble, they also make a lovely omelet--add a little feta, some fresh dill and black pepper . . . Nice green salad on the side, glass of wine and dinner is served :)

brad said...

We have the same problem: we don't see in the chickens in the evening much during the week.

I'm on travel in Puerto Rico again this week, so my wife is also stuck with chicken duty every day.

Melanie K said...

Hi Brad: Your wife might be on daily chicken duty, but that also means that she gets to eat all of the eggs :)


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