Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Urban Chicken ordinance updates

Good news for the folks in Missoula, Montana (see my previous funny video post)! The New West reports:
Missoula City Council’s Public Safety and Health committee Wednesday morning approved the urban chicken ordinance, including an amendment to require annual $15 permits, sending the contentious proposal to the Council floor for a final vote Monday evening.
Interesting to note that one of the councilman tried to add an amendment requiring perspective urban chicken farmers to get permission from all their neighbors before getting their chickens in order to "keep good neighbors." His motion failed.

So, things look promising that urban chickens will soon be legal in Missoula!

Wish the news in Chicago were as rosy. The Council votes tonight on whether to ban chickens in city limits, and the AP is reporting that the prospects don't look good, as the critics with their claims that chickens are "noisy, draw rodents and spread disease" misinformation seem to be overwhelming the egg lovers. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. (Stay tuned!)
UPDATE: The AP reports that the Chicago City Council has held off on their vote and sent the chicken ban back to committee. Per the Sun Times: "The delay might have something to do with Mayor Daley, who sounds as if he's against the chicken ban. 'Let's be realistic. A lot of ethnic people do keep chickens. If you grew up in Chicago, you know that,' he said."


Granny Annie said...

We are fortunate to be on ten acres. Our nearest neighbors are about 1/2 mile from us. Right now we have too many roosters and they certainly like to see who can crow the loudest. I worry about the neighbors hearing them but so far the only comment was from a woman who loves hearing them. She said she grew up with chickens and hearing the roosters reminds her of home. Regardless it makes me nervous to think people might be out there plotting against my flock.

Carla said...

I haven't heard anything new re: the chicken ordinance. Do you have any news to share??
Thanks for the information on your blog. It helps to keep updated on other cities' regulations concerning keeping hens.

Unknown said...

Hi Carla, thanks for the comment!

I haven't seen any updates come across the wires (yet). I suspect it's because we're in the midst of the Winter holidays and most councils have reduced their workloads accordingly.

I assume we'll see an uptick in activity after the New Year and I'll post what I learn here.


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