Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mad City Chickens documentary complete

Glad to see the folks over at Mad City Chickens have finally finished their documentary about the backyard chicken movement. They've got a new trailer up which I present to you here:

I'm trying to figure out when they'll be screening the movie here in the Bay Area and will let you know as soon as I find out. Would be great to meet up with fellow Bay Area urban chicken folks and see it together.


Granny Annie said...

Great clip! The urban chicken movement must be highly successful because I am having difficulty finding my chicks this year. Our supplier can't get a phone call through to their supplier. The hatcheries seem extremely swamped with orders.

Stiggy said...

That film looks very interesting, even though I'm in the UK!

We inherited some chickens with our new house, and I must admit I never thought I'd find myself at the age of 36 sitting down reading 'Practical Poultry' magazine!!

But chickens are amazingly great birds to have around the place.


You can keep chickens no matter where you are! "Wherever chickens are outlawed, only outlaws will have chickens."

The best source of information about raising chickens is a DVD available at

Cheers for chickens!

Pecos Blue said...

I hope you can find some chicks.


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