Friday, April 11, 2008

locavores and urban chickens - waterloo, too?

Quick little article in this week's SF Bay Guardian about locavorism (the practice of eating only or mostly food raised within a 100-mile distance) and urban chickens:
Locavorism... It's a concept that makes a lot of sense — even organic food grown hundred or thousands of miles away can hardly be considered sustainable once you figure in the resources used to ship it.

But a committed breed of urban farmers is challenging even the 100-mile definition of local food. These folks are cultivating their own cornucopia in their backyards and community garden plots, pruning their own fruit trees, raising their own chickens...

The author goes on to quote several Bay Area folks who're raising chickens in San Francisco proper, on the Peninsula and over in the East Bay. Great to see there are so many like-minded folks around here having fun raising chickens, and nice to know we're contributing to the locavore cause.

Here's hoping the residents of Waterloo (Ontario) can join us soon in our urban chicken ways.

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Pecos Blue said...

I am an urban chicken supporter. We need to keep changing the laws.


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