Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Urban Chickens now legal in Ann Arbor!

Fantastic news!

The Ann Arbor News reports that the city council approved (by a vote of 7-4) an ordinance allowing up to 4 chickens per resident:

The change still requires community members who want to keep chickens to get an OK from neighbors. Evidence of that approval will be required to get a permit.

It also creates setback requirements for coops and addresses noise, pest and other issues.

The council will review the ordinance a year after it goes into effect.

City officials said it will take 60 days to put a permit process in place.

Congrats to City Council Member Steve Kunselman, who promoted the plan and to everyone who worked so hard to make the change, especially the twenty or so folks who showed up at the meeting to make the case for the ordinance, summarized as:
• Permits granted only to residents of single- or two-family homes.

• Birds have to be provided with a covered enclosure and fenced or in that enclosure at all times.

• Chicken coops have to be 10 feet from any property line and no closer than 40 feet from any residential structure on an adjacent property. (Neighbors could agree to a waiver.)

• Coops and feed have to be secured to prevent problems with mice or other pests.

It's great to see such progress taking place to bring more Urban Chickens to backyards across the country.


Pete "Doctor Doolittle" Thomason said...

"One small step for chickens, one giant leap for Ann Arbor."

- Benchicken Franklin

On another note, ironically the same day the news was released about Ann Arbor I received a citation giving me ten days to appear in Ypsilanti City Court about my refusal to remove our flock of chickens (44) and goats (6) from our 1/10th acre urban micro eco-farmstead.

Unknown said...

oh, no, Peter!

From what you've written on your blog, it seems as though the Michigan Right to Farm Act protects you, doesn't it? Or is that what this request to appear is set to prove?

Please keep us apprised how things go. Fingers crossed for you.

Granny Annie said...


EcoJoe said...

Let my chickens go!

I'm all for some urban chickens; Raleigh has a tour where urban chicken-raisers proudly showcase their noble hens.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ann Arbor! We knew you could do it!


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