Tuesday, December 2, 2008

stoopid chicken tricks: head tracking

I'd noticed this ability to keep their heads in one place no matter what the body does in my own chickens, but I think it's great to see it called out in isolation in this video.

As stated in the video, the ability to isolate the head from all other body movement is quite handy hunting for bugs and moving quickly over changing terrain. This ability has also been transferred via technology to steadycams and the same principle is found in our cars' suspension systems, yes?

What other useful applications for this ability are there?

Thanks to LaughingSquid for the find!


Poochie said...

I have "urban chickens" too. I hope you'll stop by for a visit!


Credit Daddy Likey with letting me know about your site!


Unknown said...

Great to meet you Princess Poochie! (and glad to add you to our blog roll, too). Thanks to Daddy Likely for the referral.


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