Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Five Urban Chickens Posts of 2008

2008 has been a great year for us here at, both in the backyard and online. The chickens in our own backyard have been faithful layers all year long, and we seem to have survived our first molt relatively unscathed.

I never could have imagined this blog about urban chickens would be visited almost 37,000 times over the course of 2008, nor could I have foreseen amassing over 50,000 page views in that time, either.

Based on where folks were clicking, these were the five most popular posts here at
5. nine books for newbies to urban chickens - My good friend Peter Steinberg over at Flashlight Worthy Books asked me to pull together a list of books on raising urban chickens for him and I got some great input from this blog's community to make it even better than my first draft. Even though the post debuted late in the year, it's oft-visited.

4. instructions for the chicken sitter - This post holds the instructions for our neighbors who'd agreed to look after the chickens while we took a vacation. Not only did I show how easy it is to keep chickens day-to-day, but I also picked up some tips on how to do things better (see post #2, below) by sharing how I care for chooks.

3. raising chickens: the one year recap - seeing the influx of people coming to the blog as the interest in raising chickens began to swell last Spring, this orientation post seemed to make sense, and the traffic proved it.

2. how to clean urban chicken eggs - evidently I'm not the only one confused as to how to deal with these delicious backyard-fresh eggs. Who knew that the intuitive "wash and refrigerate" is actually not the best way to treat them?

1. where to buy baby chicks - By far, this was the most popular post of the year. It only makes sense, right? If you want to get into raising your own chickens, where do you get them? I drove a lot of miles back in 2007 trying to find a place that not only had chicks but the breed of chicks I wanted. Glad to be able to share an online resource for others to save the miles.
Thanks, all of you, for visiting this past year, and I look forward to seeing you here again in 2009!


Sandi said...

After reading your blog, we got two chicks in July. Sadie gave us her first egg about 3 weeks ago. Roxie's was a delicious Christmas gift.

Thank you for the info & encouragement!
--Sandi (Sunnyvale)

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear you're getting eggs from your girls now, Sandi!

Glad this blog could be of some help to you, and please keep us in the loop as you get deeper into urban chicken farming here on the Peninsula!


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