Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cool video of an egg without a shell

Enjoy this awesome little video of a malformed egg from a newly laying chicken

(follow this link to the source if the embed doesn't work)

The video is courtesy Mark Frauenfelder, one of my favorite bloggers over on boingboing.net. He got a flock of six barred rocks chicks last Fall and he's also been blogging about his adventures in urban chickens.

Just last week got his first eggs from the flock. We all know the first eggs aren't always the well-formed specimens we're accustomed to buying buy the dozen down at the local food mart. Some are long and skinny, most are a fraction of the full size, but this is the first shell-less egg I've ever seen.

Thanks for sharing the video, Mark. May you be flooded in eggs!


Granny Annie said...

What a smart post! I have had a couple of these eggs and when I try to describe them, no one will believe me. Now I can show them this. Thanks!

Bad Wolf said...

Yes, this is great. I've heard of these and seen pictures but I've been lucky to not come across one yet (I think they get eaten before they can be gathered).

We had really, really big ones today. Too big to close the carton. The really big one possibly is an egg inside an egg (double shelled egg).

In looking up the odd eggs a recent article came up regarding the toll on hens laying large eggs and many eggs. So I thought I would share that too while I was here. :)

Anonymous said...

We have had at least one egg without a shell. Unfortunately, the ants had gotten to it before we did, so I had to toss it.


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