Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toronto Urban Chickens on CBC Sunday News

CBC Sunday News is going to air a segment about urban chickens in Toronto on tomorrow morning's show (10am in Toronto) in the first hour of broadcast.

Since chickens are illegal in Toronto, I'm looking forward to seeing who they got to talk on camera and how they treat the subject of urban chickens overall (I'm optimistic they'll do a good job)

As you'll recall, last week I put out a request on Twitter and Facebook for urban chicken farmers in Toronto to get in touch with Natalie at CBC Sunday News for a story they were working on. Natalie sent me a note this morning to let me know the segment is, indeed, scheduled to air!

While I can't get the CBC signal here in California, I'll be watching the archive of the show online at the CBC Sunday News web site.

I tell ya, I'm really impressed with how much air time urban chickens are getting on CBC. You'll recall I made my radio debut on CBC's Spark program in 2007 and CBC's The Point did a bit about chickens just a couple months ago.

Here's hoping there's more legal urban chickens coming to a Province near you!

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David Blaise Ross said...

I watched the video this evening; I believe the following link will work:



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