Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bay Area chicken coop review

About two weeks ago, reporter Laura Casey came over to check out our chickens and talk with me about what it's like to raise urban chickens in the Bay Area.

Her article, Clucking about Backyard Chickens, made the Contra Costa Times yesterday. Ours is one of four backyard setups that's profiled in the piece.

It's nice to see the compare/contrast between different coop styles and how each of us got into urban chickens, but what I like most is Casey's quotes from each of us:
  • "I haven't been this happy for a long time. I needed them. I just come outside and smile and when they jump in my lap. It's great."
  • "I never expected them to be so entertaining and it never gets old. When I get an egg I am so excited."
  • "I like my children to know that not all food comes from cardboard and Styrofoam boxes. It's not all about the bright-colored packaging and the songs." (mine)
  • "My husband is an interesting fella and he has interesting tastes," Debbie Flinker says, "and he thought chickens would be fascinating pets. They are."
Paints a pretty wonderful picture about urban chickens, don't you think?

(BTW, happy Father's Day to all you dads out there)


chick mama said...

I have a small flock of polish chickens including 1 roo. I have been fined by the city that I live in for a nuisance. I wrote them and explained all of the nuisances that exist on my block and that I considered my roo my watch dog. Lord knows he is as mean and unpredicable as a watch dog. I paid the fine and hope they won't come back.

Lynn in Tucson said...

Bummer that the photos didn't accompany the on0line article! (Or am I missing something?)


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