Wednesday, June 3, 2009

an urban chicken farmer's first year

Found a delightful post over on the New Green blog that's a recap of the first year raising urban chickens in Brooklyn, NY.

The author's got an Eglu like we do, and she got her chicks from My Pet Chicken last summer, a resource I didn't know about two years ago when we got Sophia and ZsuZsu from Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel.

In the span of a single (well-documented and -illustrated) post, we travel from "chicks arriving" to "first eggs" with great color commentary along the way.

I love how she ends her post:
We have enjoyed our chickens tremendously and highly recommend chicken keeping to almost anyone. We felt like first-time parents as we watched our chicks grow into hens. We love the rich, “meaty” eggs they give us. How many people have pets that make them breakfast?? What was really important to us was that our “city girl” daughter would grow up knowing where her food comes from, and now she does.
Let's hear it for urban chickens!

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