Friday, February 5, 2010

Urban Chickens on the Martha Stewart Show? Be There!

Got an email this morning from Anne who works in the audience department at the Martha Stewart Show in NYC.  They're taping a show on urban farming in March 2010 and are looking for urban chicken farmers (among others) to be in the audience.

If you're interested in being there, you have to request tickets and help them understand why you should be in the audience. The details are in Anne's email:
If you or someone you know have recently turned your backyard space into a chicken coop or turkey pen, we have a special show that's just for you! We're filling our studio audience with individuals who raise livestock in urban environments as we celebrate the backyard farming movement. If you're interested in attending this show, please be sure to tell us about yourself and your backyard farm, as well as why you'd like to be part of this special audience. Please feel free to spread the word and request tickets as soon as you can if you're interested! 
The link to request tickets is; scroll down to ‘calling all urban farmers.' 

I hope to see you there next month (if they approve my request to attend, that is... fingers crossed!)


Melanie K said...

sounds like fun--
hope you get to go :)

Granny Annie said...

You will be a wonderful spokesperson for the chickens and their owners. Hope you manage to get to the show and be sure to let us know when, etc.

Unknown said...

Chickens should be raised freely but if you got the space then its alright. Urban places have big places too which is suitable.


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