Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Urban Chicken Eggs Are Green

No matter the color of your urban chicken eggs shells,
they're all green at their core, and by that I mean green as in "sustainable," not green as in "eww, to the compost heap with you!"

Indeed, if you're doing what wise backyard chicken farmers do and keeping your unwashed eggs on the counter (in something like this Stoneware 12-Cup Egg Tray), your eggs are increasing your sustainability footprint in a big way:
  • turning locally-sourced scraps, bugs and weeds into a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for your plants
  • turning locally-sourced scraps, bugs and weeds into nutritious protein sources for you
  • cutting the carbon footprint of your protein sourcing from miles to meters
  • cutting the refrigeration costs to nil if you've got counter-top eggs
So on this Earth Day, pat yourself on the back for being at the head of the sustainability curve and throw a little scratch to the girls to thank them for doing their part, too.

Flickr photo credit: pinprick

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