Monday, June 4, 2007

The eglu has arrived (at least the run has)

new eglu box 1 of 2 As suspected, (half of) the Eglu arrived today. More specifically, the Run part of the Eglu arrived in a somewhat-intact box. What's not visible in the photo on the right is the fact that the bottom of the box was hanging together by only 4 of the eight staples that were smartly added to insure it held together in transit.
inside the eglu run box
Thankfully, there was nothing else that was supposed to be in the box (I hope?), but still I was a bit puzzled that
the bottom of the box was littered with what seemed to be the remains of a bunch of styrofoam popcorn. Of all the outfits I'd imagine would be using more environmentally-friendly packing materials, I'd have thought it'd be the Omlet folks.

Maybe when the rest of the Eglu arrives (tomorrow?) I'll get to see how the not-so-light-and-airy pieces are packed together. As I understand it, I'll be getting the Eglu house, the run cover, the food/water bowls and instructions how to put it all together in the next box. Per DHL, it's due to arrive tomorrow.

I (and the girls) can't wait!

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