Sunday, June 3, 2007

ominous email from home re: the chicks

Not the kind of email you want to see when on business on the other side of the country:

Subj: the chickens

are getting really big and are seriously pissed off about being in the cage. they're trashing the place with poop and are kicking over the food bowl--in addition to the usual pooping IN the food bowl. I gave them 4 heaping scoops of food this morning and they're already down to crumbs.

Do we know yet when the Eglu will arrive??

You know, that's a really great question about the Eglu. I left a message with them late Friday (likely after they'd shut down for the day over in England) asking for an update. We're well beyond the "couple days to fabricate" before getting a DHL tracking number.

To complicate things, we're headed out of town this coming weekend to visit family in Seattle, and we'd planned to have the chooks outside before leaving.

While I don't think our chicken-sitter will back out of the job if the chicks are still indoors, her job will be much much easier if the chicks are outside in the Eglu.

Hopefully I'll be getting an apologetic voice mail tomorrow from Clare informing me our Eglu's already on the road and she'll share the DHL number forthwith.

I tell ya, although the Eglu's a nice looking product, Omlet has a little ways to go in providing good customer service.

UPDATE: Got an email from Clare this afternoon (if you're reading this, hi, Clare!) with our DHL tracking numbers. Both pieces shipped on May 30, and according to the DHL tracking site, they're estimated to be delivered tomorrow. w00t!

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