Tuesday, June 12, 2007

how fast do your chicks grow?

meet the chick!Tonight (before dusk) I let the chicks out of their Eglu to walk around the yard some... a feat they're more than happy to indulge in, and I caught myself marveling at how big they've gotten in such a short time.

It's hard to believe that just six weeks ago we brought them home from the Feed Store, and they were no bigger than a tennis ball, and it was easy to hold one of them in the palm of your hand.

Hannah as chook-whispererNow, they're each bigger than a regulation-size football, and they run around the yard at a pretty good clip chasing after bugs and whatnot. Tonight's the first time they spent an extended period of time on the actual lawn in back... up until now, they seemed to treat the lawn as a border not to be crossed at the edge of the mulch. For some reason, they no longer fear the green space, and actually delighted in chasing the bugs flitting around in the fading daylight.

I was a little curious as to where they were finding all the white leaves among the green blades, though. Then, as I looked closer at the catch and heard the accompanying satisfying crunch, I realized they were picking the little moths that otherwise were "hiding" in the grass.

Good girls! They can grow as big as they like eradicating our lawn of all its insects.

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