Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hannah holding Sophia's first egg As if she were waiting for the second broadcast of Spark, Sophia laid her first egg today!

We noticed the clucking of the girls was a bit different today than usual, and when we went out to let them free range this afternoon, our peek into the nesting box was rewarded with our first egg. I'm so proud of Sophia!

You can see our oldest, Hannah, in the picture to the right holding the egg in her hands, trying her hardest not to shake it up to find out what's inside (her prior experiences to finding eggs in the yard have all been at Easter time, so she likely thinks any egg found in the yard was left by the Easter Bunny and contains something chocolate-y inside.

To give a better idea of how big this first egg is in comparison to others, here's a shot of Sophia's egg (on the left) next to a store-bought USDA Grade A large egg (on the right):

first egg comparison

And how do we know it's Sophia's egg? Well, we didn't see Sophia do it, but she's definitely the more mature of the two girls, as her wattles are starting to drop, and her "hips" seem to be a bit farther apart and the vent area (between tail and legs) is a bit fuller than ZsuZsu's.

Maybe this'll inspire ZsuZsu to develop a bit faster?

Hooray! we're now in eggs!


KrisRobinson said...

Congrats! How very exciting. Talk about farm fresh...

Linda said...

Yay!! Seems like today was a lucky day for both of us! Aren't these little pullet eggs cute? I think I may blow out the egg and save the shell. For posterity's sake, you know. ;-)

brad said...

Congratulations :-) Egg number one.

I have read that the first one is smaller than the later ones and chickens cluck excitedly after one of them lays.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone... no new egg today (tempering my excitement by not expecting another one for a couple days or so). But when I opened the dozen large store-bought eggs this morning, there was Sophia's sitting in with the rest of them!

Don't know if we'll blow her first to save it for posterity or what. Am kinda curious to see what the inside looks like unscrambled.

Can't wait til they get bigger and more regular!

Linda Nowakowski said...

Thomas, you have started my day off with a huge smile. I am having a terrible time trying to imagine you as Farmer Tom! Hannah is a beauty!

Linda N.

Unknown said...

Sophia's first egg was featured on ChickenFlicker's One a Day where we have a chicken related post each and every day.

Congrats Sophia. Go ZsuZsu.



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