Thursday, September 20, 2007

was it ZsuZsu's first egg?

Discovered yet another egg in the nest yesterday evening, and given the coloring/texture of the shell, it certainly seems like a "first egg" and not a continuation of the five-day streak that Sophia was on.

Research tells me it takes 26 hours for a chicken to create and lay an egg, so we can expect eggs six of every seven days. If this is the case, there's a strong argument that yesterday's egg was Sophia's. However, if we get yet another egg today, I'll have to think they're now both producing eggs and will chalk up yesterday's gift in the nest to having come from ZsuZsu.

But then again, how's one to tell which chicken laid which egg when you don't actually witness it?

Until we start getting multiple eggs a day, I'll just have to assume that ZsuZsu's put out her first and they're taking turns. Maybe all their early morning clucking will be them bickering about whose turn it is to lay that day?

In any case, I'm just so excited to now be collecting eggs every day. Yummy egg breakfast tomorrow!


kb said...

I would love to have chickens, but I checked the bylaw, and it's illegal to have birds of the family to which chickens belong (I forget the name). (Though, weirdly, the list omits the word chicken from the list of birds).

How are you getting around this?

kb said...

Oh -- I didn't even check to see that you are in California. I am in Ontario. Never mind!

Granny Annie said...

I am delighted to find your blog. We have been raising chickens for four years. I have chronicled our experiences throughout my blog from first eggs layed to our first experience incubating chicks. I share your excitement and cannot wait to catch up on all your entries. My family believes I am crazy to enjoy my chickens so much but now I have found someone who knows what a thrill they are.

Unknown said...

Kiki, sorry you can't have chickens of your own in Ontario, but you're welcome to live vicariously (minus eating the eggs) through us.

And Granny Annie, great to see you here! Love the chicken tales you've got over on your Fools Rush In blog. You'll be on my blog roll momentarily!


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