Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ZsuZsu's about to lay an egg?

We've now had eggs five days running, and I'm so proud of our Sophia for doing so well at laying eggs so consistently (eight eggs in eleven days).

Don't think I haven't had my eye on ZsuZsu wondering why she's not yet laying eggs. I've not been worried in a "is she really a cockerel?" kind of way like I was with Sophia. I've just been concerned that ZsuZsu is so far behind the curve when compared to Sophia.

However, I think ZsuZsu's getting ready to make her egg-laying debut in the next couple days.

With each day's passing, I've been able to notice ZsuZsu's hips getting wider and her center of gravity getting closer to the ground (a lot like Sophia's).

And while I'm not an expert at seeing the signs, I noticed this evening when I went to let the girls out to free-range a bit that ZsuZsu was a lot more submissive than she's ever been before.

Case in point: when I was opening the gate to their run to let them out, Sophia couldn't get out quick enough whereas ZsuZsu flattened herself against the ground just inside the run and thrust her tail feathers out and up ("preparing for the roo" as some have called it). After assuming the position for about five seconds, she skee-daddled on out to chase after bugs with Sophia as usual.

When it came time to put them back in the run, Sophia happily scampered after the grapes I tossed inside to lure them in while ZsuZsu got close to me again and "assumed the positon" (I was standing by the run's gate ready to shut it once they were in).

Maybe we'll get two eggs tomorrow? Wouldn't that be wonderful!


Unknown said...

So I just heard about your eggs on Spark. Where are the photos?

Congrats on the chickens

Cathi Bond

Unknown said...

Oops! I didn't go down far enough. I was so excited about the eggs. They look yummy



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