Monday, November 5, 2007

fifty pounds of chicken feed... gone!

It seems like just yesterday I was worrying about how to properly feed our chooks.

Checking my receipts, I see I bought our first fifty-pound bag of Layena crumbles Labor Day weekend.

Here we are just two months later and we've dusted the first bag and I just spent $11.99 to buy another fifty pounds of chicken feed.

Quick mid-blog-post math shows we spent $12 on feed and another $3 for the nesting material (aspen shavings) and we're up to $15.00 for the first 100 eggs. That's 15 cents an egg or $1.80 a dozen.

Having our own hens producing in the backyard sure beats the heck out of paying $3.00+ a dozen for industry-produced organic brown eggs down the road at Whole Foods.

And besides, when was the last time you saw a produce stocker chasing grapes?

1 comment:

brad said...

What about the pro-rated cost of the hen house, in your case an Eglu? That factors into the cost of caring for chickens, but being plastic, it should last a long time.


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