Monday, November 19, 2007

Urban Chicken challenges in Missoula

Thanks to the folks at boingboing, I found this story about controversy in Missoula over urban chickens.

Be sure to follow the link to see the video... hilarious presentation of the pro-chicken side of the argument.

The urban chicken ordinance, which stalled in City Council after a tie vote late this summer, would allow Missoula city residents the provisional right to raise up to six hens (no roosters) within the city limits.

Opponents of the ordinance have repeatedly pointed to health, noise and regulatory concerns, while supporters emphasize the importance of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and locally-sourced food. Until the new City Council takes over in January, Don Nicholson, current chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee, will decide when to bring the ordinance to the floor for a new vote.

Thanks to the folks at boingboing for pointing this issue out. Can't wait to see all hell break loose here in Redwood City as the opponents assert is bound to happen since I'm one of "them chicken folk" and my neighbors are not.

I've really got to spiff up my video techniques!

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Linda said...

Thomas, I now find myself in a similar position here in Chicago. It's been legal to keep chickens in the city, but now there is an active opposition. I've been in contact with local press and was on the local PBS news program, Chicago Tonight, this evening. I'm pretty upset that my hens may be forced to leave me, but will not go down without a fight.


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