Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fowl on the Amazing Race: no chicken, no check in!

We finally got around to watching episode four of the Amazing Race 12 last night (thanks to the power of the DVR) and I was pleasantly surprised to see chickens with a starring role in this episode of the Race.

For those of you not following along this season's race around the world, the teams are currently in Burkina Faso competing to win this leg of the race. One of their challenges was to accept a gift from Dakissaga, the tribal chief of the village they started from.

His gift? A live chicken (and a scrawny one at that). The string attached to the gift? The teams had to carry the chicken with them in a loose-mesh woven bag throughout the challenges all the way to the check in at the end of the leg of the race. No chicken? no check in! (clever phrasing!)

So, the chickens were with the teams throughout the race.

Yes, it was amusing to watch the teams try to catch the chickens in the pen to put them in their bags. Only a couple teams did the "grab with two hands holding the wings in" approach whereas others tried to catch the chickens as if the mesh bag were a net and the chicken were a butterfly. But that was as starring a role as the chickens would play.

No one lost their chicken during any of the challenges (at least not that the editors let us see). By the end of the race, however, I was feeling bad for the chooks all cramped up in the bags being treated as so much extra baggage. Made me want to give Sophia and ZsuZsu extra grapes out of sympathy.

So, glad to see even more exposure for chooks on the tube, but hope they're not used as game pieces anywhere else again (the goats seemed to have it even worse in their role supporting the race).

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