Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Halifax Urban Chicken Rally Results

It seems as though there was a good showing at the Halifax City Hall yesterday. The Nova Scotia News reports:

The protesters’ signs outside city hall said “Halifax Welcomes Chickens" but what unfolds over the next few weeks could prove otherwise.

A small group of people — some wearing T-shirts proclaiming “Urban Chickens are Cool" — staged a peaceful demonstration at the Grand Parade on Monday night just as a meeting of the Peninsula community council was get­ting underway.

Their protest, which included an im­promptu chicken dance, was in support of Louise Hanavan, who has run afoul of city bylaws for keeping chickens on her property.

And then the report on what happened inside City Hall

On Monday night, Coun. Sheila Fougere (Connaught-Quinpool) re­ceived support from her three counter­parts on the community council for a staff report on the practice of urban farming in this municipality and in other locations where it’s permitted.

The councillor has looked into it and discovered that certain rules are al­ready in place.

Other North American jurisdictions that permit urban farming have re­quirements like minimum lot sizes and set distances between chicken coops and the nearest residence.

So it looks like there's hope! If you're on Facebook and live in Halifax, be sure to join the FB petition group (it's only open to those members of the Halifax network... I can only give moral support and promotion).

Oh, and I gotta get me one of them "Urban Chickens are Cool" shirts (still looking for pictures), anyone know how? Please let me know via that comments.

UPDATE: The CBC's got an article on the rally as well. And they've added the bit that "That report, and any recommendations to councillors, is not expected for another six to seven months." I wonder if they'll grant a stay to Louise Hanavan's chickens until the report is filed and reviewed? Stay tuned.

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