Friday, February 29, 2008

shook chook lays a really big egg

Turns out the recent 4.8 earthquake in the UK had a rather big effect on at least one chook that got unexpectedly shook: a super-sized egg.

Love the quote from the owner: "We have had big ones before but this one is an absolute stonker.”

I'm not quite up to date on my Queen's English, but I believe "stonker" means "this one here in my left hand, I mean, the one on the right as you look at me."

Given all the seismic activity here in the Bay Area, I wonder how big our own chickens' eggs will be the morning after the highly anticipated BIG ONE hits?

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Bad Wolf said...

Likely you already know the hens can lay some big ones on occasion.

I didn't when I saw one at the farmer's market. I feel like a doof now because I wouldn't buy it and instead chose a different carton even though I did ask about it (the carton was distorted it was so big).

Felt like an expert when I ran across a picture of another on Flickr though... which I found by clicking through links after being here and looking at your girls.

That led me to look up double-yolk eggs because years ago (before it became such an industry) our local egg supplier was known for theirs and entire dozens would have them. I'd been wondering for months about why that had been.

That's when I discovered there can be an egg within an egg.

But the one you've highlighted seems pretty big.


Thanks for your blog. It's one of my very favorites.


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