Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Viroqua, Wisconsin, holds off passing urban chicken ban

The Vernon County Broadcaster reports the Viroqua City Council has held off passing a new ordinance that would ban chickens in the city (population ~4400).

Viroqua Resident Drew Shonka presented a petition of 72 signatures to the City Council.
“It requests that the city and its residents support residents to have the freedom to do with their property as they wish,” said Shonka.

Shonka said he recognized there are issues related to health and safety of others and property values, but hoped the city could work the issue out and come to a solution that allows those who have animals like chickens to continue in their lifestyle. Shonka asked that the city clearly define and set acceptable limits on “nondangerous and nonpolluting animals such as chickens.”
Seems like a very sane and logical approach to dealing with the issue.

And I also like the framework presented by Leigh Anders:

Anders asked if there was a particular incident that caused the council to look at the issue of animals in the city. Anders said she got a list of animal complaints for 2007 from the Viroqua Police Department and of 40 calls total, 29 were related to dogs, eight were about cats, one was about a woodchuck, one was about an opossum and one about a chicken...

“I really advocate responsible pet ownership,” said Anders. “We have had a dog issue on my block for quite sometime now..., but my stream of logic isn’t…, well there is a dog problem we need to get rid of all dogs in Viroqua.”
Here's hoping level heads prevail and the proposed ordinance is completely dropped from consideration.

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