Wednesday, May 21, 2008

making urban chickens legal in Fort Collins, CO

Dan Brown's chronicling his efforts to make urban chickens legal in Fort Collins, Colorado (pop ~130,000,see larger map) over on his blog Fort Collins Urban Hens.

So far, he's made it through the Planning and Zoning board (5-2 vote), and now it's on to the City Council for a vote.

I especially like his call to action to mobilize folks to show up at the Council meeting to make their voices heard:

Now I really need help getting to the next step. If you want to support this initiative, I need people to:

1. Get the word out to the community - get conversations going to educate others about urban hens. Feel free to use my slideshow.

2. Contact your City Council representative - you can find your rep here:

3. Contact me with your suggestions or questions -
phone - [redacted]
e-mail -

4. Go to the City Council meeting on June 3rd and voice your support
Looking forward to seeing the turnout he gets at the meeting on June 3. Here's hoping Dan (and the urban chicken movement in Ft Collins) is successful!

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