Friday, May 2, 2008

Yes, the price of chicken feed has gone up!

As I'd mentioned earlier this week, I had to stop by the local feed store to pick up another bag of layer feed for the girls and was prepared for a price increase given all the rising costs of everything these days.

And after filling my car up at $4.09 per gallon this morning, I knew to brace myself to pay more for the chickenfeed even as I walked in the front door of the store.

Sure enough, the price of a 50 pound bag of layena crumbles has risen 25% in the last four weeks to a total of $14.99 per bag.


Luckily, it takes about six weeks for our girls to go through that much feed, and maybe even longer now that they can spend so much time free-ranging for bugs, grubs and weeds in the yard during the summer.

I'm just glad we've only got two chooks to feed. Imagine multiplying the 25% increase in price for enough food to feed 10,000 chickens in an egg-laying farm. No wonder the price of eggs at the store has gone up so much!


Dr D said...

Even with this price increase are you still saving money on raising chickens rather than just buying organic eggs? I am not criticizing or doubting but still searching for info on cost/benefits of urban chickens. Thanks for any info.

Unknown said...

Hey Dr. D, good question re: money raising chickens v buying organic eggs.

Ignoring sunk costs (the coop and the amount we paid for the chicks) I'd say even with the increase in cost for chicken feed, we're still very much on the "it's a good deal" side of the saving money question.

And with every dozen eggs we collect from the nest each week, we chip into the sunk costs, too.

I'd have to say that if you're looking at raising your own chickens as a way of saving money over buying organic eggs in the store, you have to pay close attention to how much you spend on the coop itself. If you've got the lumber and materials laying about, your break even point will come a lot sooner than ours (we bought the not-inexpensive Eglu).

One last note about yard-fresh eggs versus store- or farmer's market-bought eggs: the freshness and therefore deliciousness of your own yard-fresh eggs just can't be beat. Especially on those mornings when you collect the egg just moments after it's been laid. wow.

Happy to answer any other questions you (or others) might have!

Dr. Gregory P. Martin said...

While we at the university put out sample budgets for home egg production, it has been my experience that most people keep chickens for the fun of it.

My hope for all is that they keep their flocks healthy and productive.


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