Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day

What, you didn't buy a card for your chooks?

If not for a Google news alert, I never would have known today is the day in which we're supposed to show respect for our chickens. Per the press release at
International Respect for Chickens Day, May 4, celebrates the dignity, beauty and life of chickens and protests against the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. Launched by United Poultry Concerns in 2005, International Respect for Chickens Day traces to famed star of The Simpsons, Harry Shearer, who proclaimed Sunday, May 14, 2000 -- Mother's Day -- National Respect the Chicken Day to honor the devotion of mother hens to their chicks.
To celebrate, Minneapolis-based Chicken Run Rescue is holding its Third Annual Chicken Calendar Photo Contest to capture the beauty of chickens in a photograph. See the details here, you have until May 15 to submit your picture (of your chickens) for consideration.

Of course, the entire month of May is International Resect for Chickens Month, so the folks at United Poultry Concerns have ideas for how to celebrate including:
  • leafleting on a busy street corner
  • holding an office party or a library display
  • writing a letter to the editor
  • doing a radio talk show call-in
  • tabling at your local school, church or shopping mall
  • holding a classroom celebration
  • showing the movie Chicken Run
  • hosting a vegan open house – or simply talking to family, friends or strangers about the plight of chickens.
Or maybe, just maybe you can write an urban chicken ordinance for your local Council to enable chickens to be kept in backyards near you.

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The Guelph Chicken Keepers Association said...

Hello from Guelph, Ontario!

I had no idea about Respect chickens Day either until a friend texted me this morning. What a great idea.

We are a new Chicken Keepers Association. Would love our new blog, "Sunny Side Up" to be listed in your blogs and we will do the same!

What you're doing is great. Chickens rock.


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