Thursday, June 5, 2008

Creating a map of urban chicken farmers

Great to see KT over at the site beat me to the punch on creating a Google map to display where in the world folks are keeping urban chickens.

(I got to know KT via email as she was doing a research paper for her graduate program, and I really like the pile of resources she's gathering around the domain.)

Got urban chickens of your own and want to add them to the map? Here's how:
  1. You'll need a Google account to start (easy to acquire one from this very blog page, look in the upper right corner of the browser)
  2. Follow this link to display the map in your browser
  3. In the left column, click the "EDIT" button next to the "urban chicken keepers" map name
  4. A cluster of buttons should appear next to the zoom in/out slider in the upper left corner of the map. Click the one that looks like a generously-scooped ice cream cone. This is your marker.
  5. Click where you live on the map and a popup box will appear to enter your details (quantity and type of hens, a link to your blog even)
  6. When done (IMPORTANT!) click the "DONE" button over in the left column (where you originally found the "EDIT" button). This'll exit you to the regular map display.
  7. Sit back, smile and admire how many other urban chicken farmers there are around you!
Thanks, KT, for the initiative, and I look forward to seeing how many other folks are raising chickens here in the Bay Area and beyond with us.


yl said...

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, it's a little to easy to accidentally change people's entries and I think I somehow changed your backyard entry. Sorry!

Unknown said...

LOL. Thanks for the warning, YL, you had made a change. I've updated our entry back close to what it was. :^) said...

Hey Thomas! Thanks to your post there are many more flocks added to the Google Map!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Thomas.

Looks like the chickens of the world now have the means to finally unite...or at the very least their keepers can :)

Unknown said...

I can't tell you where I am - my chickens (two 14-day-old BRs) are illegal in the city!

Harvey1701 said...

Great idea! When I first tried adding my flock to the map, I think I may have accidentally edited the map name. I tried to correct it, but you may wanna look at it. Greetings from "Sunny-side-up-dale!" :)


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