Thursday, July 24, 2008

Portland Tour de Coops this Saturday!

Wow, I wish we had a vibrant urban chicken scene here in the Bay Area like they've got going on up in Portland.

Back in March, they had Chicken Fest and this coming Saturday (11a-3p) is the 5th Annual Portland Tour de Coops.

If you attend, you can visit 18 coops on a bicycle tour and enter a raffle to win your own coop! (see link above for details)

So jealous.

And trying not to be too disappointed that my timing for passing through Portland on our road trip to Canada means I'll miss the Tour by a week!

(any chicken-related goings-on in Portland on July 31/Aug 1? let me know as I'll be in the area)


moe said...

I put some pictures from it on a blog, if you want to go look.

Jenny Robertson said...

Hey! You can MAKE a vibrant chicken community on the Peninsula. We have a list of over 100 people, and would love to help organize a tour de coops. We've had several coop tours already, and are probably big enough for an "open tour". Just send mail to

You can help with the chicken laws in Sunnyvale; there's a bit of history and a council member who wants them banned.

Kelly - and said...

How can I set up a tour in my city? Minneapolis MN


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