Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wake Forest urban chicken update

Nice to see Em's letter is generating some Mainstream Media coverage of the urban chicken issue, too. Here's the segment from NBC-17's news coverage:

Thanks to David Bissette of Catawba Converticoops for alerting me to the video on his WFChickens blog (now on my blog roll).

David's Catawba site's got some great info on building a coop, AND you can sign up to receive his (and Mitzi's) entertaining AND informative eBook "How Two City Slickers Got Chickens Inside the Town Limits":
Growing up as an only child in the country of North Carolina’s Brushy Mountain foothills, I had some best friends even though the nearest kid my age was a quarter mile away. Tex the Rooster and his flock of Ameraucana hens provided me with hours of entertainment. Each chicken had its own personality. Tex would even follow me around like a dog and would hitch a ride in my backpack when I walked down to the pond.

30 years later, those fond memories are still intact. I have three children of my own now. We live one block from downtown and the former Wake Forest College in the heart of our town’s historic district. Short of selling the house and moving to the country, how could my wife and I have urban chickens in a town with regulations and laws about the keeping of livestock inside the town limits?

This eBook is about how we did it.
So visit Catawba Converticoops today to get your copy. Nice to see David's such an advocate for Urban Chickens, too!


Emily Cole said...

Dave has been so helpful, I know I wouldn't have gotten the nerve to do the petition without his and Mitzi's support! You should really check out those chicken Arks, they're so beautiful and well designed. I think they're also the best-priced plans around!

Pecos Blue said...

This is a great site. I am all for chickens.

Catawba ConvertiCoops said...

I too am all for chickens.


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