Friday, January 23, 2009

60 chickens in 205 seconds

Tip of the hat to Gardening Examiner Robin Wedewer for pointing out this great YouTube video put together by Daniel Gasteiger, writer of the Your Home Kitchen Garden blog.

The video's a compilation of pictures he took at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Nice labor of love, Daniel!


Steven Walling said...

For the sheer fun of chicken geekery, here's all the breeds I could positively identify (hopefully someone with a sharper eye can add theirs too). Several of these appear a couple times.

▪ Silver Laced Wyandotte
▪ Buff Orpington
▪ Araucana
▪ Iowa Blue
▪ Asil
▪ Arauncana
▪ Bantam Rhode Island Red
▪ Dutch Bantam
▪ White Polish
▪ Black Wyandotte
▪ Wheaten Ameraucana
▪ Hamburg(h)
▪ Silver Pencilled Wyandotte
▪ Bantam Leghorn
▪ Sicilian Buttercup
▪ Black Hamburg
▪ Dominique
▪ White Frizzle
▪ Modern Game
▪ Salmon Faverolles
▪ Belgian Bearded d'Uccle

Unknown said...

Steven, that's awesome! You sure know your chickens (much better than I).


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