Saturday, January 3, 2009

Urban Chickens in HD on ABC

I know it's a slow news time, but yesterday our local ABC affiliate (KGO-TV, channel 7) had a four-minute segment on Urban chicken trend on rise in Bay Area.

I can't embed the video, so you'll have to follow the link to see the segment (in HD!) interviewing several urban chicken farmers from the East Bay and North Bay.

In all, I think the reporter did a great job of extolling the virtues of raising your own urban chickens while getting some great shots of birds and coops (you'll see one that's been built into the kids' play structure... that gives me an idea!).

Oh, and there's a nice plug for Rob Ludlow's community as well.

Here's hoping even more folks are inspired by the news segment to get their own chooks and start enjoying yard-fresh eggs.


Bad Wolf said...

Stupid Google won't let me sign in as myself so I had to sign in as a new me. ={

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing all the chicken things you have. I'm glad too you've been able to get as much use as you have from my posts here.

Speaking of which I have several more but really only the following two in front of me to share:

One is from a recent USA Today article this weekend that also mentions BackyardChickens

And the other is a delightful little LiveJournal blog I really adore from one of the chickens' view

Have you seen the "Urban Chickens" group on Flickr? I can spend hours looking at other people's pictures.

Also want to take this time to extend my condolences on your Great Dane (he was a beauty) and wish you and the ladies a bright new year.


Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Bad Wolf! Thanks for the links to new resources. I've added the Daiy Rasorial to the blog roll and will be incorporating the USAT article in a future post.

We still miss Argus, but our new puppy, Kairos, is melting our hearts all over again (even as he stubbornly refuses to learn to leave the chooks alone out in the yard). I'm sure he'll be fodder for many funny tales to come.

All the best to you this year.


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