Friday, January 30, 2009

Help legalize urban chickens in Mankato, MN

The folks up in Mankato, MN (map; pop 34,000) are getting close to persuading the City Council to pass an ordinance allowing urban chickens (yay!).

I got an email from Becky today seeking help from the readers of this blog to help make Mankato Urban Chickens a reality:

"Right now the city has a question up on their website asking what people think of allowing backyard chickens and I was wondering if you would be willing to comment or help spread the word for other supporters to comment so we can bombard the city with support."

Want to help? You can share your views on this page here.

It's interesting to see that, unlike the San Clemente City Council (now trying to outlaw urban chickens), the Mankato City Council is actually seeking public input on the situation. Let's not disappoint them.

If you can spare even 30 seconds to share your urban chicken-friendly comments with the council, we may be able to notch yet another city on the list of urban chicken friends.

Thanks for helping Becky and her team!


KatoChicks said...

Thanks for posting this Thomas!

There is also a poll up on the newspaper's website asking a similar question. The link is:


KatoChicks said...

Oops! I think that link might take you to the poll results. You can see the poll by scrolling to the bottom of the page (towards the middle) on the Free Press homepage:

Thanks for any support!

James said...

Ok Thomas, I commented on the good of keeping urban chickens. Chickens for all urbanites that want them!


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